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History & Overview

Oligab was Est in 2014 by Mr and Mrs Taylor from a market in South London to tackle Affordability and Sustainability. The business has grown and we are now operating numerous of markets within the South East London and South West London (Southwark and Lambeth Council area) we supply café’s with restaurants around the South East and Lambeth. We take pride in providing opportunities for apprenticeships and volunteers so that the skills gap does not continue to grow. Oligab services over a thousand customers each week.

The aim of this plan is to devise a long term plan of actions needed to grow the business, enter new markets and a plan of action to bring in a number of farm products identified for the business’ existing markets and for entry into new markets. The intention is also use this plan in crafting a strategy to further develop the business; we continue to be committed to providing the best quality eggs.

We continue to focus on doing the right thing for our customers, colleagues and the communities we serve.


Our vision is to become a recognizable brand in the south east of London.

Bridging perception gap between the farmers and the local community

Mission Oligab are committed to satisfying the needs of our customers by providing the best quality of farm produce for home, retail and the food service sector, making oligab a preferred brand in the market. This will be achieved by utilising our experience, expertise and resources in the pursuit of quality, through technical excellence, integrity and customer service; and in continually seeking way to improve our effectiveness and efficiency to be of mutual benefit to our customers with ourselves,

Selling eggs, ecommerce, branding, whole sale & retile, empowering & providing stainability to the local community)

The Team and Practices (all our team are from the local community providing great costumer service, good communication skills.

Laid In Britain was formed in 2005 from a consortium of independent egg producers who market their produce on a regional or local basis and is an extension of the arrangement offered by United Kingdom Egg Producers Association Ltd, which caters for the smaller to medium sized egg producer who wishes to have the closest contact with the end user, their customers. Continue reading.

Partners and Affiliates

Bagel King is a popular restaurant on Walworth road and our top client. Everyone who enjoys a night out in South and East London will know about Bagel King, a business Open 24hours a day, 7 days a week. We serve the local community in and around Walworth Road, Camberwell. We Sell a Huge Range of JA Patties, Bagels, Cocoa Bread, Jerk Chicken

Address: 260, WalworthRoad, London. UnitedKingdom.

Tel: 020 7277 4060

La Casa Boliviana Is a popular Latin restaurant located on Camberwell road, the company is another one of OLIGAB's top client.

Address: 179 Camberwell Road, SE5,7 London United Kingdom.

South London (Local) Cafe's

South London Cafes' are also on our top client list.

Electric elephant Cafe

Cross-Roads Café

Lion Den Café

Your Satisfaction.. Our Satisfaction!

Whether you are contacting us for enquiry or to join the programme, please double check to ensure that your phone number is correct and leave a short description of your business in the text area provided, alternatively, you can call us directly. In all cases, a member of staff will contact you back to discuss your enquiries and interest. Thank you for Visiting OLIGAB today.

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