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South East London Eggs specialists.

We are a family round business with a passion for providing fresh and high quality agricultural farm produce i.e. poultry, dairy, fruit and vegetables from farms within Sussex and Surrey area council, which are been distributed to surrounding markets in Southwark and Lambeth Council. Oligab provides all the different types of eggs. We have more varieties of eggs on display compared to Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda and Co. also we encourage and support British farmers

All our produce is sourced locally from The Mac’s Organic Free Range Farm in Sussex and Great Hookley Free Range Farm in Surrey. Continue reading.


All the eggs have the information of the farms i.e Name, Best before date and grading of the produce to give clarity to our consumers and customers.

The weights are as follow: Extra Large 73gm – 83gm, Large 63gm – 73gm, Medium 53 – 63gm

All the eggs which are from the farm will have a unique code to identity who the farmer is , the farm and his method of farming by the quality assured which is Laid in Britain http://www.laidinbritaineggs.co.uk/

Great Hookley Farm Code: 1uk 12888

Mac’s Farm Code 0uk 12972

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We are developing the most innovative, nutritious, free-form and organic foods ever. The futre of health food is right here.

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